The concept

What is a business park?

A business park is an urban development tool, delimiting an area where the Communauté de Communes du Warndt is responsible for developing and equipping the land with a view to selling it to public or private users.

The Warndt ParK, a mixed-use business park

The Warndt ParK is a dynamic area where business, residential and leisure activities blend harmoniously.

A business park in an exceptional natural setting

The unique landscape qualities of the Warndt ParK site make it possible to create an attractive park based on the principles of sustainable urban development. The plots of land fit into the clearings between the wooded areas. In this way, the unique character of the landscape is enhanced, biodiversity is preserved and businesses benefit from an exceptional natural setting.

Deforestation is limited and is offset by reforestation in other areas of the Warndt ParK business park or outside it. In the less frequented areas, priority is given to a wilder forest.

Rainwater from the project is managed in an alternative way, i.e. without pipes. Water will be kept in a natural cycle to ensure the long-term survival of the woodland cover and the associated wealth of wildlife. Planted ditches will run alongside the roadways, carrying the water at the end of its journey to a series of filter gardens that will enliven the park and contribute to the biodiversity of the site by creating wetlands.

Enterprising and thriving... naturally

All business sectors are welcome at Warndt Park

Wood industry

Automotive industry





Wood Town

High Tech


Hotel industry



Soft mobility: For a unique experience of the different environments of the parK.

The development is criss-crossed by paths dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.

Whether you’re going to work, moving around the area, going for a jog or going for a walk, 5 km of paths are planned.

To vary the pleasures, and the landscapes crossed, they will be laid out sometimes along the streets, sometimes on the edge of the forest, sometimes in the wet meadows and sometimes through the woods.


Quality of life at work

The Warndt ParK has been carefully designed to meet the new needs of workers.

You can build a modern workspace surrounded by nature, where your employees can recharge during their breaks and find inspiration during their working hours.

The Warndt ParK showcases environmentally friendly green jobs, dynamic companies, innovative and creative businesses, today’s and tomorrow’s companies!