Services and leisure

Sociocultural facilities

The sociocultural, sport and leisure facilities are numerous and adapted to various practices. 

The Swimming Pool , with its diving tower and leisure pools or even the intercommunal media library of the Warndt equipped with an exhibition hall, a movie area, a reading room, are perfect examples of it.

The associative network, with more than a hundred associations, creates links.

  • Culture (17 associations) : Music, Theatre, Tradition,…
  • Sport (32 associations) : Basket, Boxing, Cycling, Checkmate, Dance, Football, Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Swimming, Fishing, Bocce, Diving, Tennis, Shooting, Volley-Ball,…
  • Leisure (9 associations) : Walking, Patchwork,…
  • Mutual aid (9 associations) : Friend, Patriots,…
  • Diverse (35 associations) : Carnival, School parents, Health,…

Wide offer of restaurants, convinience stores and hypermarkets, every taste and every position are represented. 

Tourism in moselle :

Sport and Leisure

School of music and dance :

Association and cultural centers in Creutzwald :

Hall Baltus Le Lorrain : hall of concerts, festivities, sports, … See more

  • Events (concerts, gala, artistic parties) : capacity up to 1 450 sitting places or 3 000 standing places
  • festive : capacity up to 1 000 places
  • sports : capacity up to 400 places (stands)
  • assemblies : capacity up to 1 000 persons