associated services

Assistante et enfants au periscolaire

Integrated services

Investments made continuously over many years allow the Community of Communes of Warndt to offer high quality, reliable and practical services.

  • Extracurriculars take care of older children. The multi-reception welcomes children from 3 months to 6 years all day in a completely renovated structure adapted to the development of little ones.
  • Water, electricity and sanitation are managed by the community or associated entities (various unions or the Municipal Electricity Authority). They are considered part of the public services to be provided to the population. Thus, their cost is controlled throughout the territory.
  • Waste is subject to multi-stream collection. By promoting sorting and revaluation, this system helps keep processing costs at a reasonable level.
  • Local television provides local information, which is very useful and appreciated.

High-performance networks

A fiber optic network to the subscriber (FTTH) is deployed in the CCW territory, and the Warndt ParK is at the heart of this technology. This network is made available to telecommunications operators, who provide their customers, particularly businesses wishing to access very high speed offers, with specialized connections dedicated to their needs.

Thanks to the expertise acquired in the design and operation of electronic communications technologies, CCW is able to meet the specific expectations of prospects, by offering, for example, “turnkey” solutions for the interconnection of remote sites through telecommunications operators.

Sustainable energies in the territory

ENES, the city’s municipal authority, has charted the path towards a greener future. 5 wind turbines, in service since 2009 in Berviller, generate between 20 and 22 million kWh each year, accumulating an exceptional total of 131 million kWh injected into the network. By adding the production of the cogeneration plant, nearly 34 million kWh of renewable energy are produced annually. A major feat, representing almost 40% of Creutzwald’s electricity consumption – a record in Europe! Similar projects are emerging across the region, with studies underway for wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric initiatives.

Public equipments

The town of Creutzwald has various educational establishments ranging from nursery to secondary schools as well as continuing education and specialized education courses. The CCW municipalities have a total of 12 nursery schools, 9 primary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school (vocational and general education high school).

Learning the language of your neighbor/partner is very important, all elementary schools in Creutzwald offer German language teaching, from CE1 (CP for some). Bi-cultural school centers introduce students to German from kindergarten.

Waste collection and sorting